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A sparkling building exterior says a lot about your business. In addition, to curb appeal, it reflects the stability, success, and professionalism of your business. HydroBrite is here to bring a facelift to your building exterior, and to make it count!

What Does Your Building Say About Your Business?

We have clients that span every industry. Whether you’re in healthcare or hospitality, food service or retail, one common thread stands out: you care about the success of your business.

No matter how exceptional your service, or how much you value about your customers, everything can get lost behind bad curb appeal. Too many businesses lose prospective clients, and can’t hold onto existing ones because their property doesn’t reflect that top-notch business they run.

Property maintenance is an uphill battle. In the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, buildings are impacted by extreme Texas weather.

HydroBrite offers a straightforward solution that provides a long-term return. Our building washing advantage is designed to help your exterior project its best condition and hold onto its exceptional quality well into the future.

Success In Your Building And Your Business

We aim to meet two objectives: Instant results in curb appeal, and quality that lasts.

This is why HydroBrite uses a power washing service to clean your building exterior. As an alternative to do-it-yourself power washing, it offers high-level results that truly transform your property to:

  • Remove stains, streaking, and discoloration
  • Kills mold, algae, mildew, and other bacteria
  • Brightens your stucco, stone, or brick exterior
  • Upholds a ‘like new’ look for the long-term

Professional & Licensed, Fully Insured

HydroBrite power washing is a professional and licensed company, carrying a $2 million liability insurance policy. We have the professional modern equipment necessary to handle all jobs large and small, ensuring all jobs meet exacting professional, city, and state regulatory standards. Our proven methods pose ZERO RISK of damage to your property or the environment.

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Protect your investments with HydroBrite Power Washing. Grime, algae, dirt, mildew and other biological growths can wear down and destroy surfaces including vinyl, wood, paint, and stucco. Regular cleanings will extend the life of any investment. Book pressure washing in Dallas TX and surrounding areas today. Explore more below.


Constant foot traffic and vehicles make an impact, and the result kills a professional image and shortens the lifetime of your concrete: Shopping Centers & Malls, Restaurants, Office Complexes, Apartments, Warehouses, Awnings, Parking Lots, Fleet Washing, Paint Preparation, Construction Equipment, Exterior Building Cleaning, Concrete Cleaning & Gum Removal, and Parking Garages.

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Maintenance Program

We provide the ideal way to keep your investment clean, safe and inviting all year round!

Forget the hassle of tracking down a pressure washing company and fielding multiple bids. With a Routine maintenance Program from HydroBrite Power Washing, we simply show up at the pre-scheduled date and time and get the job done right the first time and every time! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


When you have a high-traffic, it's going to show. HydroBrite Power Washing offers residential services that will enhance the look and the longevity of your home. From exterior house washing to concrete and brick cleaning:?House Washing, Hot Water Concrete Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Rust Removal, Graffiti Removal, Deck Restoration, Non-Pressure Roof Cleaning, and Soft Wash Stucco.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

"James came over this morning to my parent's house and worked his magic. To say our house was in need of a good wash is a huge understatement. Shortly after arriving, James explained exactly what he would be doing today then got right to work. After completing the job we took a walk around to see the difference and I was blown away.

I highly recommend him whatever cleaning needs you may have. Night and day difference. Give them a call and see what he can do for you!

2 thumbs up and you have a lifelong customer now."

"When they first arrived on the scene, I pretty much had planned on them doing a good job, however, we did not plan on them doing so good it felt like we had to hustle more!

We are our own power washing company and we had a big job at a bank and needed back up for the night. So we did some research and had spent time getting to know different companies but when the time came last summer. We knew who to call, Ghostbusters...I mean, HydroBrite!

James and his team came out and without much more than a quick check-in, got to work so fast I told my team to pick up the pace. Even though we could be competition, I would still recommend these guys because they will not let you down."

"Hydrobrite did an awesome job cleaning my back patio deck and around my pool!! I have never seen it that white! Will definitely have them come clean it again!!"


Satisfaction Guaranteed